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Roder UK offer a complete range of event structures, available in clear-span widths from 3.00m to 60.00m. The range is sub-divided into three categories :
Party Tents, Big tents & Pagoda tents
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Temporary structures offer a viable alternative to the traditional modular buildings for the education sector. Ranging from extra classrooms, a new sports hall or or just some additional storage, are all possible.
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Special Use

The storage or maintenance of aircraft of all sizes can be achived with one of our wide range of temporary structures. From a microlights to a transcontinental airliners can be housed in safe secure buildings anywhere on the airfield.
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The Röder UK clearspan temporary structures can reach 60m wide with an eave height of 10m. When joined together any size warehouse space and shape can be built quickly and easily on most sites.
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Temporary Structures make Financial Sense

The need for additional space in the short or long term is an issue many organisations face, and the financial implications can be complex.

Renting additional buildings away from the main site can be time consuming, and once operational will mean additional travel costs for personnel and goods.
Expanding buildings on the main site may take a long time to commission and be costly.

A temporary building can be tailored to fit the available space on the main site eliminating search time and travel costs and can be erected in days,

Latest news


RNLI Birnbeck Pier Somerset Coast
RNLI now ordered an S75 storage tent as a new boathouse for the two motor lifeboats and as a training and work area.
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